Containment: our plus points

Your product is precious and only has value once it has been taken to the customer.
Outside the belt or if it leaves as dust, it will become waste that you will need to treat: it costs you money rather than making you any. Optim’® has conceived and continues to conceive innovative solutions for putting an end to such loss of products and money.

Optim’® has developed the Optim’Auge® solution, which guarantees perfectly in all equipped zones the immobilization of the products, the containment of the dust and centring of the belt without any maintenance.

In most cases, the installed Optim’Auge® does not require any intervention for several years: our current experience extends to over five years without any intervention, without any costs … and with material which still remains impeccable.

Optim’® has also developed the Optim’Force-6® and Optim’RG® solutions, which guarantee perfect centring of the belt by the lower and the upper side without any adjustment.