Optim’Auge® guarantees the seals on belt conveyor whatever products are transported (heavy, light, abrasive, corrosive, hot, fine or coarse grain, etc.)


Optim’Auge® is the only totally sealed receiving station for belt conveyor. Our experience over several years enables us to guarantee its results.

Your benefits

  • The best quality-price-return-durability ratio
  • A very fast return on investment
  • A pleasant working environment
  • A completely secured sealing system in accordance with EC norms
  • Doing away with cleaning around your conveyors: or this personnel can be reallocated to production tasks
  • Maintenance limited to the absolute minimum
  • A clear reduction in production shutdowns
  • Improved valuation of productivity: no spillage or loss of material = 100% of the production sold
  • Significant increase in belts’ service life
  • No shaped or moulded part linking you to the supplier
  • “Material” guarantees up to three years including wear parts
  • Minimum implementation time, whether this is for users, manufacturers, fitters, etc.: the Optim’Auge® is not delivered in kit form (except on express demand) but is delivered in completely assembled units ready for use.

Our technical advantages

  • The most robust and most simple system on the market
  • Suitable for grain from 0 to 150 mm
  • Steel construction suitable for heavy industry, quarries and all industries
  • Model for the food industry
  • Modular construction in elements of 2 metres, 1 metre and all lengths necessary for specific needs
  • Feeding zone with a system for guiding material designed specifically to guarantee that the product is centred on the belt
  • Internal modules for guiding the belt
    → tracking of the belt guaranteed over the entire zone fitted with an Optim’Auge®
    →  tracking also guaranteed for two-way conveyors
  • Suitable for chevron belts
  • Suitable, without adaptation, for conveyors constructed in accordance with norms PNE-53300, NFE-53301 and DIN
  • Conformity to EC norms (requires no protection grating)
  • Total immobilization of the product
  • Sealed up to 100% depending on the options
  • The Optim’Auge®resolves problems linked to cleaning costs and respect for environmental norms.
  • Specific model for belt extractor
  • Model for fatty products, high temperature, Atex, food products, etc.
  • Specific battery options for Optim’For Conveyors® regarding entry and exit for very heavy applications
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