The Optim’Force-6® guidance system guarantees the tracking of the belt by the return side and by the pulleys


Optim’Force-6® is a new system for guiding belts that does not require any subsequent adjustment.

With Optim’Force-6®, the belt is and remains tracked by the pulleys and the fitted zones.

Your benefits

  • The best quality-price-return-durability ratio
  • A very fast return on investment
  • A fully secured guidance system, in accordance with EC norms, with close protection of nip angles
  • Doing away with mistracking of the belt in fitted zones
  • Maintenance limited to the absolute minimum
  • A clear reduction in production shutdowns
  • Improved valuation of productivity: no mistracking of the belt → no spillage, no loss of material → 100% of the production sold
  • The edges of the belt no longer riven
  • Significant increase in belts’ service life
  • No shaped or moulded part linking you to the supplier
  • Result also guaranteed for two-way belts

Our technical advantages

  • A very simple and very robust, innovative guidance system
  • Optim’Force-6® is foolproof
  • Steel construction suitable for heavy industry, quarries and all industries
  • Model for the food industry
  • Ideal solution for two-way conveyors
  • In stock for belt widths 400-500-650-800-1000-1200. Other widths, on manufacture
  • As standard for fabric belts up to 630 N/mm (other belts to be approved according to application)
  • Suitable for conveyor belts built in accordance with norms PNE53300, NFE53301 and DIN
  • Conformity to EC norms (requires no protection grating)
optimforce6-food optimforce6-centrage optimforce6-horsnormes
The Optim’Force 6® is also suitable for food belts
 The Optim’Force 6® guarantees the tracking of the belt even for the demanding applications
 Easy installation on conveyor belts NFE, PNE & DIN via brackets. Adaptation parts are envisaged for non-conform conveyor belts.

Easy to install

    • Easy assembly in place of a return idler
    • 3 metres before the tail pulley

→ tracking the belt by the tail pulley and the feeding zone placed at the foot

    • 3 metres after the head pulley

→ tracking the belt by the head pulley and in the first part of the return side

  • If necessary, Optim’Force-6® is fitted every 20-30 metres in order to guarantee the tracking of the belt over the entire length of the conveyor (under conditions).


All the customers that tested Optim’Force-6® finally adopted it.
Take the test with our guarantee: “No Cure No Pay”


  • The belt is alwayscentred without the need for adjustment by the pulleys and in the zones fitted with an Optim’Force-6

The Optim’Force-6® is the essential complement for perfectly controlling the belt at the point where the material is fed in at the foot of the conveyor.